Facing the Healthcare Industry Crisis

The healthcare industry is plagued by more than one shortage. The aging population, obesity, substance abuse, and mental illnesses are straining current resources. The nursing and direct care staff shortage has been going on for a long time with no signs of changing anytime soon. Bed space in substance abuse facilities does not meet the demand, and there are not enough nursing homes to accommodate the elderly who require skilled nursing care. Assisted living facilities, rehabilitation centers, and clinics for ongoing treatment of chronic conditions are needed as well.

Construction of New Facilities

The labor shortage in the construction industry makes it difficult to fill healthcare construction jobs. The issue also applies to supervisors and executives with extensive healthcare construction careers. Finding leaders to create strategic plans and operate healthcare construction companies is not something companies can accomplish alone. A top ranked recruiting firm that specializes in construction can help companies find construction estimators, project engineers and managers, superintendents, and presidents, as well as other needed executives.

Several Service Options

An accelerated recruitment approach combines a streamlined methodology with forty years of experience and insight into the industry. The goal is to find top talent that will remain with the company as it moves forward. Customized solutions have flexibility to meet the individual, business, and cultural needs of each client. No cookie-cutter techniques that are designed for general recruitment will do.

A contingency plan option only requires payment when a presented candidate is hired by the company. Contract staffing is ideal for temporary project. Retained recruitment services provides confidentiality for the company and top priority when positions become vacant. A relocation assistance program is also offered. This helps ease the transition and increase retention rates.

Be Prepared

Companies nationwide need to be at full operating capacity if the needs are going to be met both now and in the near future. Construction is the first step toward beginning to face the crisis and create viable solutions. Fill key positions fast to reap the rewards of preparedness. Develop new designs, fit more people into facilities while maintaining safety and comfort, and prepare bids for projects that will keep the company competitive.


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